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Mineral Resources

The table below outlines the gold resource estimates for the Sterling Gold Project. The resource estimates are based on pit constrained surface resources. The surface resource includes mineralized gold blocks limited to within a 45-degree constant slope pit shell.

Resources defined as "non-pit constrained" represent mineralized tonnages of potential economic interest if selective underground mining of mineralized zone below the projected pit shell limits was carried out, similar to those employed previously at the Sterling Gold Mine.

Sterling Gold Property Inferred Resource Statement, Effective March 29, 2017
Deposit Claim
(g/t Au)
Tonnes Grade
(g/t Au)
Contained Gold
Sterling Pit Constrained* Sterling 0.3 3,081,000 2.57 254,000
Sterling Non-Pit Constrained* Sterling 1.7 350,000 3.38 38,000
Daisy North 0.3 5,362,000 1.34 232,000
Secret Pass North 0.3 11,143,000 0.93 335,000
SNA North 0.3 3,875,000 1.03 126,000
Pit Constrained Global Resource: 23,461,800 1.26 947,000


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